United Way

Provide leadership to change lives together and lift the community
Since 1972, the United Way has helped Martin County residents receive valuable health and human services by providing support to worthy causes and organizations. Although there are United Way organizations in almost every part of the United States, each one is governed by its own local board and is completely autonomous from United Way Worldwide.

The United Way of Martin County is a volunteer-driven organization. This means that individuals living and working in the local community volunteer their time and expertise to set and monitor the direction in planning, policy decisions, and financial development of the United Way.
United Way of Martin County helps residents with their needs by investing in local programs that focus on one or more of these focus areas: Ending Hunger, Strengthening Families, Good Health, Solid Education, Job Opportunities and Ensuring Safety.



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United Way of Martin County's 2013-14 Community Impact Report includes updates on our strategic priority areas, the breakdown of our most successful annual campaign ever, and more!